We gratefully accept supply donations for the on-going needs of our mediation, education,  youth, and supervised visitation programs. Your donations lower administrative expenses so we can focus our limited budget on providing services to those most in need. 

Supervised Visitation Program Wish List:

  • Gently used stroller with a storage basket
  • Gift Cards to Fred Meyer, Office Depot, Target, etc. 
  • Dolls for small doll house
  • Play Doh
  • Art supplies
  • Craft and construction paper
  • Lego sets
  • Etch a Sketch
  • Play sets: zoo animals, skyway, animal farm, sink, schoolhouse
  • Hot Wheels, Match Box, or similar
  • Board games:  Battleship, Yeti in my Spaghetti

Youth Program Wish List

  • Reams of nice cardstock
  • Scrapbook-type supplies
  • Note card sets
  • Packages of gel pens
  • Decorative paper kits
  • Journals in sets of 10
  • Colored poster board 

Conflict Resolution Education Wishlist

  • Ground coffee (large bags)
  • Stash Herbal Teas (individually wrapped), any flavor or assorted
  • Individually-wrapped snacks (granola bars, cookies, pretzels, etc.)
  • Flip-chart marker sets
  • Dry erase pen sets
  • Yellow legal pads (lined, 8.5 x 11)\
  • USB drives 

Gift Certificates to support WDRC needs

  • Brown and Cole
  • Cash and Carry
  • Dakota Arts
  • The Community Food Co-op
  • Fred Meyer
  • Haggen

Contact Addie at outreach@whatcomdrc.org to organize a supply drive at your school or place of work.