Family Mediation

Thank you for once again creating the possibility for agreement between two people who otherwise would not have been able to without your expertise.
— Family Mediation Client

Are you going through a divorce or separation? Are you having trouble communicating with your teen or parent? Are you having to make decisions with your family about how to take care of a loved one? Keep reading for more info about how mediation can be useful for families.


Separation, Divorce, and Parenting Plan Mediation

Mediation is an affordable, efficient, and effective process for families experiencing separation or divorce to develop or modify parenting plans, negotiate property divisions, and address other issues. 

A neutral third-party mediator brings structure to the discussion of complex or sensitive situations and can help participants fully explain their perspectives, identify their own solutions that address the real issues, and develop written agreements tailored to their situation.

Parent and partners have used mediation to:

  • develop communication plans
  • create co-parenting strategies
  • determine how assets will be divided
  • negotiate school, healthcare, and religion decisions
  • and more

Fees are set to be a low-cost alternative to using the court system. The WDRC operates on a sliding fee scale and will never turn anyone away for lack of funds.


Parent/Teen Mediation

Parent/Teen mediation is a process for parents/guardians and teens to resolve conflicts. Mediators facilitate the conversation in 2-3 hour sessions. Parent/Teen mediation promotes a fuller understanding of issues and empowers teens and parents to communicate, solve problems, and reach solutions that will work for them. Family members identify the issues and create their solutions together.

Parents and teens have used mediation to

  • improve communication
  • navigate family conflicts and changes
  • address school issues
  • address truancy, substance abuse or other legal issues
  • discuss responsibilities and expectations
  • plan for the future
  • make decisions as a family

The fee for Parent/Teen mediation is by donation for families, though we request a small administrative fee from parents or guardians. Contributions enable us to provide this service at low or no cost to families.

Elder Care Hands.jpg

Elder Care and Other Family Mediation

Elder Care mediation can help adult siblings or other family members work out a plan around an elder's healthcare, living arrangement, financial situation, communication and more. The mediation process allows all involved to be heard, and helps families maintain relationships through challenging times and develop a plan that works for everyone.

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