Keeping kids and parents connected

 The WDRC’s Supervised Visitation (SV) Program provides a positive and safe place for parents and children to visit with one another.

Supervised visitation is contact between a non-custodial parent and the child(ren) in the presence of a third person responsible for observing and ensuring the safety of those involved. 

The WDRC Supervised Visitation Program Eligibility

  • Whatcom County court-ordered supervised visitation
  • Families with children residing in Whatcom County
  • The program accepts eligible cases, which it is equipped to serve, and reserves the right to decline cases. 

Who uses Supervised Visitation?
Families that are going through difficult and/or transitional times use Supervised Visitation. Families participate in Supervised Visitation when the Court has determined that supervision of visits is necessary or when the parents/guardians have agreed to supervision. 

How does it work?

Once custodial and non-custodial parents/parties contact the WDRC, separate intake interviews are held to gather background information, explain the program, and describe program rules. After both parental parties have completed their intakes, they complete an orientation to the visit process and the first visit is scheduled. During visits, a trained Visit Supervisor is present at all times. The Visit Supervisor monitors the parent-child contact to ensure program rules are followed for everyone's safety and comfort. 

    Program Limitations

    The program operates from an observational model, not a therapeutic model. The program does not participate in making the decision that supervised visits are necessary, does not perform assessments, does not provide evaluation reports, and does not make recommendations to the Court or third parties. The program should be left out of the legal process. 

    What is the cost?

    At this time, there is no required fee, but the WDRC requests donations for this underfunded program.

    Is Supervised Visitation for you?

    If you are unsure whether Supervised Visitation might be useful for you and your family, call (360)-676-0122 to discuss your situation with our staff.

    Supervised Visitation Network Member

    The Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center is a proud member of the Supervised Visitation Network, an international membership network that establishes standards, promotes education, and advances professionalism in the filed. 

    We are seeking volunteer Visit Supervisors. Please visit our volunteer page for a description of our volunteer program and position description. 

    The purpose of Supervised Visitation is to create a safe environment for parents and their children to interact, and in doing so support an opportunity for connection, trust, and healthy relationships to grow. Supervised Visitation aligns well with the WDRC’s mission, vision and values. With a vision of Whatcom County to be a community in which people approach conflict in creative and healthy ways, and values that include impartiality, accessibility, empowerment, collaboration, communication, and integrity, this program is a natural fit for what we offer the community. The WDRC prides itself on its ability to uniquely create and hold safe spaces for individuals and families to convene and connect with one another. Our reputation for neutrality and impartiality contributes to that accessibility and allows clients to engage with our services without fear of judgment or evaluation.
    — Moonwater, Executive Director