Guest Post: Day 12 - Why isn't Tanya walking with me?

Mediator and Board President Joan Cervisi was kind enough to write an article for us about conflict resolution during her recent trip to Spain!  Read an excerpt below and follow the link to her blog to read more:

So, Iris from the Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center(WDRC) asked if I would consider writing an article on conflict for their newsletter since I am taking a 6 week hiatus from all my day to day responsibilities to do the 500 mile walk on the Camino de Santiago in Spain.  I am on the Board of the WDRC and she knew I had recently taken the Understanding Conflict class  at the WDRC. Excellent 6 hour class, I highly recommend it to everyone.  

Why isn’t Tanya walking with me?  We have been friends for over 20 years and we’re thrilled to be doing the first 3 weeks of the Camino together. Prior to our trip we  had talked about the joys of early morning walking and how maybe some of the group of nine would want to start later but we would head out early.  However, after a few days she is opting to leave with the  later group. 

Read the rest of the story on Joan's blog