2nd Annual Mediator Olympics!

Thank you to those who participated in our 2nd Annual Mediator Olympics on September 7th. The three teams competing for the Mediator Olympian crown were: Reso-blue-tion, “BC Double D”, and The Termediators. They put their mediator talents to the test in four events: Stage 1 Sprint, Cross Country Caucusing, the Reframe Relay, and the Synchronized Settlement Writing.

Congratulations to all the members of team "BC Double D" for being crowned Olympic Champions. The team featured the color green and was led by Calhan "Confidentiality" Ring, Britt "The Brainstormer" Sullateskee, Donna "The Defuser" Loken, and Devin "De-Escalate" DiBernardo.

Special honors to all the members of team Reso-blue-tion for receiving the Olympic Collaboration Award. The team featured the color blue and was led by Sarang "Keep Calm" Khalsa, Kate "Curiosity" McLean, and Maria "Mutuality" Jones.

Special honors to all the members of The Termediators for receiving the Olympic Creativity Award. The team featured the color yellow and was led by Jason "The Clarifier" Kanov, Sarah "The Coach" Murphy-Kangas, Lisa "The Listener" Chandler, and Irene "What-If" Wysoki.

While there was only one team was crowned Olympic Champion, all of our mediators and practicum students are Champions in our book. Thank you to all of you who provide mediation services at the WDRC. You all are bridge builders in our community and we appreciate you all!

Mediator Olympians!.JPG

Congratulations to all the WDRC Olympians!