Mediator Boot Camp

By Luke Wiesner, Mediation Program Manager

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a mediator with the Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center?  All of our mediators successfully complete our 40-hour Professional Mediation Training and then apply, are accepted, and successfully complete our practicum program.  Overall, the path to becoming and maintaining mediator certification with the WDRC takes years of continuing education and practice. 


Navigating conflict is typically not easy and can be emotionally taxing.  It is important to us that the mediators we train are prepared to serve our community during stressful times.  We host a variety of continuing education and practice opportunities for our mediators and practicum students to practice defusing conflicts and convening difficult conversations.  In April, we offered two Mediator Boot Camps to help our mediators stay in peak condition so they can hold collaborative dialogues with members of our community who are experiencing conflict.

These Boot Camps are structured similarly to the Boot Camp at your gym.  Mediators and students run through a series of drills that focus on different skills and tools mediators use to successfully help mediation clients have productive conversations.  They move from station to station practicing and learning from one another. 

Mediator Olympians!.JPG

While training to help families, workplaces, businesses, neighbors, and parents-teens resolve conflict can be difficult work, we try to make it fun as well.  This year will mark our 3rd Annual Mediator Olympics, where our mediators compete using their mediation skills in an event style competition. 

We take the responsibility for being the center for dispute resolution in Whatcom County to heart and provide a rigorous training program for our mediators.  That way, when you use the Whatcom Dispute Resolution Center as a third party to help manage your conflict, you know that you are receiving services from an experienced and trained mediator.

Contact us to inquire about how we can assist you in resolving your conflicts.