Faces of the WDRC - Board Member, Kirsten Drickey


Take a little peek into what inspires and energizes board member, Kirsten Drickey, about the work we do and her service toward our mission:

1. How long have you served on the Board at the WDRC? Do you serve as a volunteer for any other organizations in Whatcom County? If so, where?

I have served on the WDRC Board since March of 2017. I also volunteer with the WSU Master Gardener program here in Whatcom County.

2. What inspired you to become a board member for the WDRC?

I am continuously inspired by the WDRC's mission and by the thoughtful dedication that everyone affiliated with the organization brings to their work. I took the 40-hour mediation training about 5 years ago, and that course had a deep impact on how I approach my personal and professional relationships. Serving on the board feels like a concrete way to contribute to an organization that serves our community with such skill and professionalism.

3. What energizes you about your service as a board member and the work that the WDRC does in the community?

The thing that most energizes me is the WDRC's vision of what's possible. So often, we're tempted to take the easy way out, by being overly critical or impatient or just not listening. If we instead approach conflict with curiosity and humility, we have the opportunity for learning and for genuine human connection. Through the WDRC's work in our community--youth programs, family mediation, various kinds of trainings and facilitation services--we have the opportunity to take those personal connections and parlay them into something bigger. As a community of people committed to this kind of practice, we can build systems and programs that are more effective and more inclusive. It is deeply satisfying to be a small part of that.

4. If you could share any conflict resolution or communication advice, what would it be?

Breathe, then listen.